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If you would like to include code in the text of your published manuscript, please submit a separate file with your code exactly as you want it to appear, using Courier New font with a type size of 8 points. We will make an image of each segment of code in your article that exceeds 40 characters in length. (Shorter snippets of code that appear in text will be typeset in Courier New and run in with the rest of the text.) If an appendix contains a mix of code and explanatory text, please submit a file that contains the entire appendix, with the code keyed in 8-point Courier New.

Version of Shareaza was released on October 31, 2009. It was significantly more stable and less resource-consuming than earlier versions, and further improved BitTorrent support, such as by selective downloading of files contained in batch torrents and download prioritization. There were also updates to the gnutella and eD2k implementation, such as extended support for GGEP, large files and chat. The IRC implementation of was reworked to free it of the bugs that made it partially unusable in the previous version. Download manager capabilities were extended, Internet Explorer integration added, and BugTrap included to speed up and simplify reporting crashes.

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