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We have been pleasantly surprised by how well the boys have adapted to their new life, and although they miss their friends they are so excited by their adventure. The clear blue and green water of Croatia are the boys playground and when not on the water – they are in the water – jumping, diving, swimming, snorkelling and fishing – such busy little boys with massive appetites! We watched a modern day Gladiators show in the amphitheatre in Pula, which fitted in nicely with their history topic. However life isn’t all one big jolly they scrub the decks, pump the toilet and their school lessons take place down below in 33 degree of heat.

What to take with super trenabol

what to take with super trenabol


what to take with super trenabolwhat to take with super trenabolwhat to take with super trenabolwhat to take with super trenabolwhat to take with super trenabol