What is tren cough

I inject about 1c of Tren E all at once only once a week and I have done about 5 cycles my entire life. I have had Tren cough 3 times. The first two times lasted about a minute but the 3rd time I had it was the worst! It lasted 15 minutes and I coughed off and on all night and my inside were so sore the next day. As soon as I pulled the needle out it took about 10 seconds to hit me and all of a sudden I was hugging the toilet and I was coughing so hard I was spitting up blood and I couldn’t breath. I threw up also! It was the worst 15 minutes I had ever been thru. I really thought I was going to have to call 911. I just couldn’t stop coughing to catch my breath. So any advice I can give is inject really slow and if you feel it rush to your throat, you better hurry and run and shut the doors and turn the water and shower on because if your wife or gf is home I promise you she will throw all your gear away!!

What is tren cough

what is tren cough


what is tren coughwhat is tren coughwhat is tren coughwhat is tren coughwhat is tren cough