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Stoke Workhouse is not overcrowded with casuals, luckily, for they evidently think the task allotted them is too much. When they wake in the morning they receive 6 oz. of bread and 1 pint or gruel, or 8 oz. of bread, with water, (for supper, the previous night, 8 oz. of dry bread, with water has been served) then they are transferred into a cell at the back of the one they have slept in, and here is found 10 cwt. of stone, which the tramp has to break into pieces, small enough to go through a grating in the window, during the day. If this occupation is considered unsuitable, they may pick 3 lbs. of oakum instead. For dinner, 6 oz. of bread and 1½ oz. of cheese is allowed, and supper is the same they received on the first night. They sleep two nights in the casual ward, and are then turned out after breakfast to probably walk on to Stone Workhouse, if that is the direction in which they are tramping. The oakum is sold principally to boatmen for caulking purposes. Under the old system the tramp had only to sleep in one night, and first thing in the morning break 3 cwt. of stone, getting away soon after nine o'clock. To shew the difference the new system has made, we may point out that during the twelve months ending March 25th, 1900, 15,320 casuals were dealt with on the old lines, and during the following year ending March 25th, 1901, the number had been reduced to 1,680, by the new arrangements.

In 2004 the four large warehouses were leased from HM Government by . chain B&Q for 5 years at a reputed cost of £13m for use as a distribution depot for kitchens & white goods (fridges / washing machines / cookers, etc) and employing over 400 people. Third party contractors including TNT, CEVA and Wincanton (from February 2013) operated the premises on behalf of B&Q. In February 2006 a major fire destroyed No 2 warehouse as well as inflicting damage to some nearby houses and causing millions of pounds worth of damage in total. The warehouse was the same warehouse which housed the Green Goddess fire engines and was later rebuilt. The lease to B&Q was renewed for another 5 years in 2009.

Getting here by train:

The nearest station is Nottingham Station , Carrington Road, NG2 3AQ. To reach Nottingham Trent University, you can take a tram directly from the station - Station Street Terminus to NTU (4 stops away), or it is approximately a 15-20 minute walk. Head right out of the station and walk towards the Broadmarsh Centre. Continue straight up Listergate, on to Albert street and across the Market Square. Cross the Square to Market Street and head up towards the Royal Concert Hall. Nottingham Trent University is towards the back of the Concert Hall on Shakespeare Street.

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Trent 1000 ten

trent 1000 ten


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