Trenbolone use in humans

Sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite are preservatives used in the curing process of luncheon meats. It wards off growth of bacteria, such as botulism, and it develops the color and taste of processed meats. However there is much debate surrounding the toxicity of these preservatives. According to the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research, there is a strong link between these preservatives and colorectal cancer. The . Department of Agriculture found that low doses of sodium nitrite may cause acute methemoglobinemia, which is when the hemoglobin can no longer carry oxygen in the blood stream, especially in infants.

Some bodybuilders and athletes use trenbolone esters for their muscle-building and otherwise performance-enhancing effects. [5] Such use is illegal in the United States and many other countries. The DEA classifies trenbolone and its esters as Schedule III controlled substances under the Controlled Substances Act . [19] Trenbolone is classified as a Schedule 4 drug in Canada [20] and a class C drug with no penalty for personal use or possession in the United Kingdom . [21] Use or possession of steroids without a prescription is a crime in Australia . [22]

Trenbolone use in humans

trenbolone use in humans


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