Trenbolone hunger

Have you ran it before?
This is my first cycle with tren, and the first two weeks I was hungry all the time. Still losing fat very quickly (Down to 16% from about 20 now).
Just hit day 21, and my wife just pointed out how poor my appetite's been the last few days. I didn't even notice, just don't seem to get hungry. Like today, I hit 1400 calories, and just not hungry anymore. Decided to make a nice pb&j and try to forcefeed that just to be able to hit my BMR.
At least with tren, the wonderful thing is to be able to severely restrict calories and not lose muscle, which IMHO is a much more important benefit than some fat loss.
So anyway, try to keep with it for a bit more, once it fully kicks in you might experience the same loss of appetite.

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Trenbolone hunger

trenbolone hunger


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