Trenbolone delts

Fuck off kid. I am sure you are just some delusional fuck . Listen kid, you can not have a decent body without proper nutrition , I mean what does your body use to build your ” amazing shouldera”…I am sure it uses genetics right….FUCK NO, it uses protein. Oh, and when you say that you do not use protein supplements, you make it as if it is some magical drug… when all it does is just provide the protein you need easily . Oh, and creatine is much potent supplement since you can not get the amounts that you take right now from food, since you would need to eat like 1kg of meat , tune etc.

Same here. At a rested state now I am about 15% body fat. When I am on program that drops to about 12%. That puts me in a very high bracket for non professional athletes in my age group and a fairly high bracket for men in general. I could get some chems and push myself down under 10% body fat while bringing my lifts up by about 20% but why right? I think same person also suggested I give test a shot. I am still considering that. It isn’t as crazy as an anabolic steroid and it might be fun to up the ante a bit, but I need to do a shit ton of research and if I did it I would find a legit doctor and not an on line source. As a side note, if I do decide to do it I will be open about it on these boards and let everyone know how it is effecting me.

Trenbolone delts

trenbolone delts


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