Test prop swollen quad

Hi i have been having sharp pains in my outer knee for 3 months when it seems like it is getting better after a week or 2 of rest and i go rugby training or gym ( A LOT OF RUNNING) it gets bad again and about an hour after a long run the outer knee joint feels hot for a while is it ITB? these pains started when i was increasing my time on theadmil by 5 mins each time i went gym (often) i am young and can’t live my life without sport. i want to know is it ITB? what should i not do? can i do any cardio in the gym to warm up? PLEASE REPLY THANKS

I had m cast changed the same as you after 1 week post-op. The first time a nurse applied the cast, and used 4-5 payers of soft padding under the cast. This was a bit hot but fine, very comfortable and I was able to sleep no worries. The second time the surgeon did it, only used 1 layer of padding and sat the “slab” cast so that it sat right on my cankle. HAd the pain and burning all night and couldn’t sleep so went in the next day and had it changed in 5 mins. Apparently this is really common, I would just go do it!

Test prop swollen quad

test prop swollen quad