Test prop only cutting cycle

I painted the tree a dark gray first.  You could stop there and your tree will look great.  You could also use flat black, but I think the gray looks better.  If you want to add more depth and feel to your tree, try shading it a bit as you see below.  I added some black to the grooves I made for the tree grain. That gives them more depth.  I also brushed the sides with black to make them appear to be further back and that makes the tree look more round.  For any branch crossing or where they come out, I shaded with a little black paint.   I added a little back around the face parts as well.  I also brushed on some dark brown in sections just to add another color.  For the inside of the mouth and eye, I just painted them black so it looks more like holes in the trees.  It also adds more depth to the over all project.

Hi Jay- I know this might be a strang question, but here goes. I’m having a hair follicle test sometime this week (possibly tomorrow). I don’t smoke personally, but my adult daughter does, daily. She does not live with me, but comes to my house nearly every day. I know she uses my hair brush, hair bands, etc. Will this cause me to fail the test? I didn’t think about this possibility until late last night & soaked my brush in a variety of things (tea tree oil, listerine, rubbing alcohol, etc), but I had already been using my brush regularly. Will her use of my brush contaminate my hair? Thank you for your advice.

The Pentagon’s research and development division, DARPA—the creative force behind the internet and GPS—retooled itself three years ago to create a new office dedicated to unraveling biology’s engineering secrets. The new Biological Technologies Office (BTO) has a mission to “harness the power of biological systems” and design new defense technology. Over the past year, with a budget of about $296 million, it has been exploring challenges including memory improvement, human–machine symbiosis and speeding up disease detection and response.

Test prop only cutting cycle

test prop only cutting cycle


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