Test prop npp dbol results

Lol so your a fucking a idiot who just refuses to take advice. Your fucking gaining weight but your a skinny fuck who could gain weight naturally. Your using steroids because your a weak minded and pathetic excuse. You wont put in time in the kitchen or gym you want the drugs to do it for you. Your training is shit and obviously produces shitty results. Your advice is shit and I have already called you out in the other threads. You are nit a world of advice you don't know shit about training, eating, or Aas and any one on these boards can see and will agree with me on this. Lol and don't tell me if you can't gain weight in 2 weeks you can't gain in 10 lol number 1 I crush you in every lift pound for pound or total how ever you want to look at it. You have had many people come in here and tell you your idea and your knowledge is shit and you choose to argue. No one here cares about you progress as it is complete shit. I gave you the advice along with many others here that you needed to hear. If you were half as knowledgeable as you think you are this would not even be a discussion.

Test prop npp dbol results

test prop npp dbol results


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