Test prop kit

Our unique Constant Speed, Adjustable Pitch propeller works just like a full sized CS prop.  The speed is set to a constant RPM via your computer radio, and a sensor mounted on the drive picks up the prop RPM and sends it to the prop speed governor.  The governor "does the math" and tells the prop pitch servo to automatically adjust the pitch to keep the RPM in the optimum performance range.  You get maximum performance (fine pitch) for takeoff and vertical maneuvers, and maximum speed (coarse pitch) for strafing runs and high speed passes!! 

We utilize the revolutionary high data rate governor system from to control the pitch.  Thanks Paul!!

We use the state-of-the-art fiber optics isolator system from to eliminate any possible interference from the ignition system to the prop servo.  Thanks Roger!!

We use the high quality, scale custom exhaust system from - .  Thanks Kelvin!!

Test prop kit

test prop kit


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