Test prop keeps crashing

I’m on step 13 above. This is what it says:


C:\Program Files\Common Files\Sony Shared\VAIO Entertainment Platform\SPF\
I’m not sure how to proceed. Please advise. Thanks!
(My trouble started two weeks ago when I changed the ink cartridge. The printer simply wouldn’t print after that, though the test print worked. After much research I learned how to restart the print spooler. I’m grateful that works, but today it got annoying when I had many small print jobs and had to restart before each one. I’d love to get the problem fixed. :-))

On that note, the NCDC stated that it “communicated to the Union that the NCDC was prepared to continue to bargain regarding all other remaining issues and pursue possible compromises so that the parties might reach an overall tentative agreement on all issues, but the Union has not yet responded to NCDC’s invitation to bargain further.” The NCDC had its meeting on Tuesday (one week after the Union submitted its counter proposal), yet less than 24 hours later it dropped its LBFO offer on you. The NCDC also dealt directly with you by providing you the offer before the Union had a chance to review. The Union has since filed an NLRB charge for bargaining in bad faith as a result of the NCDC’s actions.

Test prop keeps crashing

test prop keeps crashing


test prop keeps crashingtest prop keeps crashingtest prop keeps crashingtest prop keeps crashing