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Hi Meghan, Meg, Kelli, and all,
Sorry I have not been on blog in a while. I hope you are all enjoying wonderful holidays & I pray for a happy & blessed 2011 for you & your family.
My hubby started Tysabri and he said he felt more energy, however, when he felt that his brain said one thing and his legs another. He felt more pep, but fell down stairs. He was OK, just a lot of bruises. I’m surprised he even told me. He has been getting more short fused. Unfortunately, you know the saying, ” You hurt the ones you love.” It’s so frustrating, but I’m so glad I have all of you with all your support, understanding, and experience.
The hubby gets frustrated because I start doing things for him when I notice him having difficulty. One minute it would be OK and the next he would bark at me. I decided to start asking if he’d like me to do something before I do it, ie. pour him coffee, or anything. This way, he makes the decision and I may even get a thank you sometimes. Not that I need thank you’s however, being barked orders isn’t so nice either. I understand everyone’s frustration. I just wish we lived closer. I’m near Chicago, anyone else? Sending hugs & support to keep you strong and remember you are not alone. I am so thankful that we all found this site & also thankful for all of you & your opinions & feedback!

Test prop injection delt

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