Test prop detection time

If you want to use the command-line mode for offline facerec (based on the eigenface program in Servo Magazine), such as for testing, here are the instructions:

  1. First, you need some face images. You can find many face databases at the Essex page http:///benchmark/databases/ . I used "ORL / AT&T: The Database of Faces": Cambridge_ ().
  2. List the training and test face images you want to use into text files. If you downloaded the ORL database, you can use my sample text files: facerecExample_ (1kB). To use these input files exactly as provided, unzip the facerecExample_ file in your folder with and then unzip the ORL face database there (eg: 'Cambridge_DB\s1\').
  3. To run the learning phase of eigenface, enter in the command prompt:
       OnlineFaceRec train
    That will create a database file "" with just 2 faces each from 10 people (a total of 20 faces). It will also generate "out_" and "out_" for you to look at.
  4. To run the recognition phase, enter:
       OnlineFaceRec test
    (That will test the database with 6 faces each from 10 people (a total of 60 faces).
    It should give a surprisingly high recognition rate of 95% correct, from just 2 photos of each person!
You can try other combinations, such as " OnlineFaceRec train " and " OnlineFaceRec test ", to get even higher accuracy. Just remember that these photos are already processed, and from a very fixed lab environment. If you try this with images from real-world conditions, you should expect just 40-80% correct!

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Test prop detection time

test prop detection time


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