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The e (31) ____ of the Asian Games has been built up over a long period of time, and (32) _______ from one games to the next spreading message of (33) _______, warmth, and friendship through (34) _______ sports. The warmth of the Asian Games comes not only from symbolic (35) _______, but from the (36) _______ that are established among individual (37) _______, coaches, trainers, officials, volunteers, and spectators who come together from many different (38) _______ and cultures. It is an (39) _______ when strength and sports skills are tested; friendship and (40) _______ are built and promoted.

The first time we took a crop of cars to lap VIR, Ford’s ’06 GT was the quickest thing on hand. It was a retro take on a 1960s prototype , and its lap of 3: set an early high bar. The only thing that car shares with today’s GT is a brake-fluid reservoir. Unlike the friendly, effortlessly hurled ’06, the new GT is brutally fast and forgoes nearly all comforts in its quest for speed and cornering agility. The Competition Series GT weighs even less and likely will go quicker. We’ve already requested a three-day loan for when Lightning Lap 12 rolls around.

Enth degree care is a family owned and operated business which provides much needed service to residents on the North Shore. We provide sales, and service of electric recliner lift chairs, electric beds, scooters, wheelchairs, stair lifts, walking aids,  bathroom accessories, back supports, incontinence aids and many other products that can enhance your lifestyle and increase your mobility. Many of our products are also available for hire. Our large showroom is open 6 days per week where you can test all these products for yourself and ample parking is available at the rear of the shop.

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