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The Gay Deceivers was a film released in 1969 about a heterosexual pair of friends who pretend to be same-sex lovers in order to avoid military service. This film was unique for its time as it attempted to portray same-sex relationships in a more positive light. Michael Greer (an actor in the film) sought to decrease the negative stigmas attached to such pairings. In the promotional clip above, the depiction of gay couples is still stereotypical as it pairs together two men who occupy traditional opposite-sex gender roles, but the film marked a milestone in both cinema and consumable media as it aimed to steer clear of the fear-based tactics used to portray homosexuality. While the depiction may have been stereotypical at best, it represented a departure from the portrayal of LGBT people as dangerous and corrupt (Polsky, Lasky & Wish, 1969).
While the 60’s were a volatile time for members of the LGBT community, the social progress that was made could easily be reflected in the media. The 60’s as a decade transitioned from a fearful and dangerous portrayal of homosexuality to a largely stereotypical and comical one. Behind the lens of the cameras lie another story where members of the community would meet in secret for fear of persecution, fight against the system that attempted to push them further in the closet, and riot against those who threatened to their very livelihood. As a result, the 1960’s were cemented in history as the decade where the gay-rights movement rapidly began to pick up traction and furthered the ambition of those who took the battle further into the 1970’s.

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Propionate lure

propionate lure


propionate lurepropionate lurepropionate lurepropionate lure