Negative side effects of test prop

The write up/article definitely makes a point. However, as a student of New Communication Technology, I feel Technology has helped and improved communication immensely in more ways than it’s mentioned in the article. The key importance of communication is proper dissemination of information or news and this has been achievable by the New Communication Technologies. More so, it has helped to strengthen inter-personal communication through chat applications and social media. Through these websites, there’s need for constant and effortless contact with people you know and even new people.
Another advantage is the easy access to information via the Internet. Reporters today even source their articles from the internet. As a matter of fact, you did use a gadget of technology to share this information, didn’t you?
You cannot blame technology for the reasons you have mentioned. You blame what people are doing with technology.
Foster Igbinosa Jr (Caleb University, Mass Communication – 200 Level).

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I believe there is a development link that is missed (at some point) when kids spend hours in front of a screen or texting. “Let’s pretend” is a game that requires imagination and if kids miss interacting with other kids pretending to be pirates searching for treasure or building a fort with cardboard boxes they will never know that they can make a difference. Working with other kids building a fort they learn social skills without realizing it. They learn to work together for a common goal. No computer screen can teach or help kids to make that connection.

Negative side effects of test prop

negative side effects of test prop


negative side effects of test propnegative side effects of test propnegative side effects of test propnegative side effects of test propnegative side effects of test prop