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The decline in both female and male libido can be linked to the decline in secretion of HGH in the body. Sexual potency and HGH levels are high in puberty, however diminishes throughout as you percent of men have erection problems as they approach 80 years. A clinical study conducted of about 300 ageing adults proved that HGH treatment boosted sexual potency in about 75 percent of men. Furthermore, interviews conducted on people using HGH therapy to slow down aging process indicate both men & women experienced improvement in sexual function and libido.

If you combine it with Nolvadex and Privironum, then the accumulation of fluid will be minimal, if you follow the diet you can pump up a beautiful figure and gain a gain in strength. This steroid gives the athlete a very good endurance, doing at the gym; you do not feel tired and are at altitude. Do not advise to exceed the dose of 150 milligrams per day, approximately is the calculation of 1 milligram per kilogram of the weight of the athlete. Also Anapolon 50 can be used in combination with pretty well all the familiar steroids Sustanon and Parabolan, after which the consequences are stunning.

Buy oxymetholone

buy oxymetholone


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